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Have you ever heard of the PayTren business? What is PayTren? Paytren is an online business community owned by Ustadz Yusuf Mansur that aims to meet the needs of the Indonesian people. With PayTren you can make various transactions ranging from credit, electric payments and others. How to run this business?

In the digital era, the Internet has clearly changed the lives of so many people in a relatively short time, now anyone can make money from home through social media, BBM / messenger & various other online media, it’s just that not everyone is ready to do business online, ranging from legality constraints , capital, knowledge, products, marketing & shipping of goods.

PayTren comes as a solution for all the problems above, here you will learn together how to build a business called NICHE MARKET that is truly unique through the internet, where our market is all Smartphone users and all those who make payment transactions and this is EVERGREEN Market and BUSINESS .

PayTren itself is a mobile transaction application for various types of payments and purchases that provide various benefits and benefits of each transaction. The PayTren system is designed to prioritize convenience, security and convenience services for its users. Currently PayTren can be used on all types of smartphones based on Android and iOS and will continue to be developed in accordance with the advancement of digital technology.

Technology of payment / purchase of all kinds of daily necessities, whether for personal, family or office needs such as top up, electricity, internet, telephone, PDAM, installments, pay TV, purchase of airplane tickets, trains, and even later to do any shopping whether it’s in a mall, shop, or shop can use HP without carrying cash. PayTren programs & technology continue to be developed. Currently there are PayTren Academy (digital schools), PayTren Messenger (Sort of WhatsApp) PayTren Umrah (umrah opportunity) Treni power saver, PayTren Market Place (Tokopedia, Bukalapak, OLX, etc.) and many Ust projects. Yusuf Mansur in the future.

The savvy mobile money and digital payment business is only enjoyed by corporate companies such as banks, which of course are owned by conglomerates, and most of them are already owned by foreigners, so that the rich get richer, the poor become objects. Through this PayTren Business, Ustadz Yusuf Mansur wants to invite us who are only users / customers / consumers, to jump in and become actors. So that we as users also feel the benefits. What are the benefits of PayTren? The following are the benefits of being a PayTren partner:

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1. Cashback Personal Transactions

Every time you transact with PayTren you will get a Personal Transaction CashBack of Rp. 75, – for credit transactions and for Non-pulse transactions.

2. Cashback Community Transactions

Every time your partner deals with PayTren, you will get Community Transaction Cashback up to 20 generations.

3. Bonus Commission

For 1 (one) person you refer to using PayTren technology, you will get a total cashback of Rp. 75,000 (IDR 45,000 in the form of rupiah and IDR 30,000 in the form of a paytren deposit).

4. Development Commission

This Couple Bonus or Community Development CashBack 1 was obtained WHEN there was a pair of 1 point of business right in the group / left foot, and 1 point of business right in the group / right foot. When there is a left & right pair of your feet, you will get a Couple bonus of Rp. 25,000, – (IDR 15,000 in cash & IDR 10,000 in the form of PayTren deposit), for Bonus system security in treni, the company implements the Flush Out or Maximum Daily Pairs Bonus system is 12 pairs / Day / Business Rights.

That is the understanding of the PayTren business and your benefits of running a PayTren business, if you are interested you can immediately join.


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