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Have you heard about the industrial revolution 4.0? You must have often heard it, doesn’t it? Talking about the industrial revolution, many people who talk about it, even in droves joined greets how active participation in supporting him. Be it in the form of technology support, as well as knowledge. Actually it was the industrial revolution, what the hell? The industrial revolution was the major change and radically against the way humans produce. Already there are changes as much as 3 times, and now we are on the fourth changes. You certainly know, isn’t it? That any major change is always followed by a big change in the field of economic, political, even military culture. There will be a lot of work, but it will also disappear.

1. The industrial revolution 1.0

The changes first and often talked about starting with the discovery and use of the steam engine in the production process of the goods. Try to imagine if no discovery of the steam engine, power muscles, water power, water power, and is still used to drive of any kind. Isn’t that less effective and efficient? Yes, usually it is used to power the mill. Even the grinding lasts long and heavy. In addition, when using a traditional power that, we can’t use it anywhere, can only use it in the area near waterfalls and windswept areas.

2. The industrial revolution 2.0

This change happened in the early 20th century. Therefore, when using the machine. Muscle power was already being replaced by steam engines, and steam power was replaced with electric power. However, the production process is still distant, the transportation of the product in the factory is still heavy, so that large items such as cars must be produced in the same way assamble it.

3. The industrial revolution 3.0

Further changes that happened was on a human. Human role in revolution 3.0. Humans play a role in the production of goods. Information age begins, many using machines that move and think in automatic, computers and robots.

4. The industrial revolution 4.0

The concept of these changes was published first in industrial exhibition Hannover messe in Hannover, Germany in the year 2011.

Today, the technology makes things get more accessible, in particular information. Just one click, you can directly browse the world. To be internet users know about the world, everybody is required to adjust to the advances in technology is going. Millions of people are being replaced by the existence of machines and robots that have started mushrooming. Artificial intelligence and other computing devices used in logging. Another way is done for addressing this revolution is by forming organizational structures that are not so rigid, should be relaxed.

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