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Currently, the technology of the digital age are increasingly mushrooming. There are many news that conveys about the media industry that is affected by the development of digital technology, and the internet. You must have often heard about it, right? Not a new thing at this time if the print media is closed because of the growing advertising revenues according to and is considered less efficient. This is because digital media is increasingly growing. Then, how the hell so that internet media can continue to thrive and survive in the midst of an increasingly mushrooming news sites. You’re curious about the latest news related media industry, isn’t it? It’s interesting reviews will be presented below.

You are living in an age of 90 ‘ 50s surely never known print Sinar Harapan, The Jakarta Globe and Ball Magazine. In addition, you must know the specific music magazine as well as Rolling Stone Indonesia that ultimately decided the CAP after rising for 12 years. Very sad, isn’t it? It is not another because of declining revenue. Devotees are also definitely getting lower.

Even the editor of Rolling Stone Indonesia, Wendi Putranto once said that, “the magazine was closed down because of the expensive licensing fees, this cannot be a sensible closing income”.

In addition to the print media are closed, there is also an increasingly mushrooming media, namely digital media. At the time of this modern, increasingly is foreign if today’s society to prefer things that are associated with a gadget or android. Digital media include tirto.id, kumparan.com, rappler.com and many more other digital media site.

Digital media are allegedly more updates than with print media. In addition, the deployment by using digital media is considered faster than print media. Its use is also easier, in terms of the exact usage. The residents currently prefer the internet as a news source for those

Map Digital Media Indonesia

Have you heard about the author of a book about mapping the media in Indonesia’s Media Power in Indonesia written by a lecturer at The Australian National University, Ross Tapsell.

He writes the results of research that to survive in today’s digital era, then the media should have some media platforms such as television, radio internet even once did. Media – media must invest in the infrastructure of communication and developing audiens to the entire country. No wonder if some network media grew into a large digital conglomerate. You definitely know that there are 8 conglomeration in Indonesia which has a multi platform and according to the theory of Ross Tapsell, if it is to survive the news sites must be incorporated in a conglomeration of large digital.

To 8 digital media conglomeration has been quite pleased playing Dalma industry media quite a while. The conglomerate began to get into the business of media, namely Group Djarum. In addition, the chances of gaining readers through digital media news by making entrepreneurs see it as an opportunity for business not news. The media can also be a synergy with the shopping site.

The integrity of journalism in the digital age

The link between digital news media with corporate business feared would affect independence proclamation. Be professional even Lordship of arguably quite difficult, is more easily said than living. Did you know that in Indonesia, the threat of independence not only companies, but also from outside parties.

Thus the current industry media news you should know.


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